Partnership and Cooperation

For the purpose of our mission of promoting mineral resources in Mauritania, ANARPAM strives to develop and extend partnership and cooperation with all development partners and the private sector at national and international level.

In terms of cooperation, several projects have already been carried out in the past with the support of international development organizations (GIZ, JICA, Spanish Cooperation, FED) and sub-regional organisations (Algerian Cooperation, ONHYM, ONM).

Implementation of these cooperation programs is a priority in the future activities of ANARPAM.

In relation to the above, ANARPAM targets three objectives:

  • Joint ventures to develop mining prospection and exploration permits;
  • Support (to mining companies) or services on their behalf of exploration work, geological mapping and airborne or helicopter-borne geophysical coverage.
  • Agreements and / or protocols for training, exchanges, advisory services, experience and information, in mining exploration with similar organisations and universities.
  • Mineral exploration partnership JV

Research agreement concluded between ANARPAM and its partners outlines the conditions and modalities for service provision plans leading to the discovery of deposits and the establishment of a company for the development of any discovered deposits.

Main partners of ANARPAM