Geological services

Our geological services

1. Regional geological survey

Cartography, Remote sensing, Geochemistry, Airborne geophysics

2. Test for clues

Geochemistry (soil and rock), Geophysical surveys, Geological surveys

3. Study of indices and identification of targets

pits and Trenches, Drillholes, Extrapolation of geological data

4. Resource assessment and concept study

RC, DDH, AC surveys, Preliminary tests, Geotechnics

5. Project Feasibility studies

Geostatistics, Feasibility study, Modeling

The success of mining research projects is essentially based on skill availability required for implementation and great mobility in planning and coordination of all the chronological stages of geological and mining exploration.

 Proper implementation of such approaches make it possible to appropriately assess the data acquired and / or compiled during the research phase and identify the knowledge generated in the scope of the relevant work.

With this approach, ANARPAM offers to mining companies all types of geological and mining exploration services enabling them to develop the potential of the areas of their interest. ANARPAM set itself with the objective of satisfying our partners with professional high quality services that are compliant to applicable rules and standards.

Our references are supported by several in country works promoting the mining sector (promotional areas, non-metallic substances), together with our services to mining companies and partners, confirming our reputation.

Our geological services include: 

  • Advisory support potential exploration areas through to feasibility study completion.
  • Collection and acquisition of geological, geochemical, gitological, geophysical and drilling data

To meet the demands of mining companies, ANARPAM adopted a development strategy, based on human resources optimization, support by equipment and technical productivity.

ANARPAM uses the following exploration techniques which are accessible to our partners: 

  • Remote sensing by satellite imagery;
  • Airborne geophysics;
  • Geological mapping (hammer prospection, rock sampling, production and editing of geological maps);
  • Geochemistry in stream sediments or soil;
  • Sampling of alluvial concentrates for mineralogical studies;
  • Mining Drilling techniques;
  • Development, by the accredited laboratory, of low grade chemical assays;

Our acknowledgeable capacity and high quality services position us to be the best local partner for mining service provision.

Drilling Services

ANARPAM plans to set up a geological Drilling service to conduct underground prospection. This unit, which already has an auger drill rig, can also provide private services for mining companies in Mauritania.