Mission Statement

ANARPAM's missions are set according to its assignments (i) as a public organization in charge of geological research and mining promotion, and (ii) as a mining interface in charge of the management of Government shares in companies.

As a Government Organisation:

ANARPAM conducts Government directed activities in accordance to the special agreements relating thereto Activities incudes, but are not limited to:

  1. Improvement of the geological infrastructure through geological mapping and geophysical survey service ordination;
  2. Promotion of solid mineral resources over the national territory;
  3. Collection, storage, updating and dissemination of basic geo scientific data;
  4. Management and updating of the Geological and Mining Information System;
  5. Contribution to technological progress, in particular computer based operations and services.

As manager of Government shares in mining companies, ANARPAM's mission consists of:

  1. Representation and management of Government shares in mining companies as well as the acquisition of interests in companies and / or mining projects;
  2. Assessment, promotion, development, management and development of mineral discoveries and aggregations;
  3. Technical assistance to Government and to third parties and completion of mining services such as logistics, studies and engineering, drilling, project management and monitoring, etc…

In general, services include: commercial, industrial, real estate and financial operations directly or indirectly related to core missions or likely to facilitate any project development or extension.